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Working Papers Included In Fundamentals
The following working papers (and document ID) are included in Jazzit Fundamentals:
Document identifier
Document name
Notes from review with client
Property, plant & equipment
Property, plant & equipment 2
Continuity of disposals
Deferred income
Final Checklist
Financial statements checklist
Future income taxes
GST/HST reconciliation - quick method of accounting options
GST/HST reconciliation - detailed method
Intangible assets
Account analysis
Five column generic working paper
Five period generic working paper
Five period income statement with % working paper
Accrued liabilities
Accounts payable confirmations controls
Accounts receivable confirmations control
ASPE - reconciliation of retained earnings at transition date
ASPE - revaluation of property, plant & equipment
Bank reconciliation 1-5
Business use of home and vehicle
Callable debt
Capital leases
Diagnostics report
Investment income
Financial instruments
Generic 9 column multi-section working paper
Knowledge of business checklist
Loan Calculator
Loans and notes receivable
Summary of misstatements
Marketable securities - broker acct 6 - 10
Net worth statement
Considerations for next year
Jazzit print package
Checklist with Y/N & checkmark
Checklist with checkmark and initials
Checklist with Y/N and initials
Checklist with multiple Y/N columns
Checklist with multiple checkmark columns
Engagement queries
T4 reconciliation
Tax payments schedule
Long term debt
Comparative generic working paper
Marketable securities - broker acct 1 – 5
Five-year generic working paper
Other non-current assets
Prepaid expenses
Risk assessment for account balances
Reconciliation of cost to UCC
Income taxes
Additional working papers
Additional working papers