Quick Guides
Engagement queries (JZQS)
See Common Working Paper Features for information on features not specific to this working paper.
Engagement queries (JZQS)
Specific Column Display
1. Specific Column Display
Set the Link number column to Display, Display + Print or Hide.
Column selection
2. Column selection
Click on the buttons to toggle columns on and off. Year 1 and 2 can be changed to display the current year or any of the previous 4 years via the dropdown menus.
Link type column *Not shown
3. Link type column *Not shown
Set the Link type column to Display + Print or Display only. This option only shows
Apply global link setting
4. Apply global link setting
Set to 'No' to reveal a column that allows you to select the link for each individual line.
Link by:
5. Link by:
Set the default link type for all lines. Map No. is the default setting. Account numbers and Caseware Group numbers are the alternatives.
WP Ref
6. WP Ref
Enter the working paper reference if applicable. Double-click on the reference to jump to the referenced working paper. The working paper should exists within the Document Manager for this to work.
Outstanding Query
7. Outstanding Query
Check off to indicate outstanding queries for the section. The section will be highlighted in red.
Express menu
8. Express menu
Right-click on the line here to access the express menu. The JZQS also has a unique option to Clear all content on this line.
Clear content on this line
9. Clear content on this line
Double-click on a line to clear content on the line.
Section switch
10. Section switch
Uncheck the section switch to close the close/hide the section.