Quick Guides
Checklist with Y/N & checkmark (JZPCA)
See Common Working Paper Features for information on features not specific to this working paper.
Checklist with Y/N & checkmark (JZPCA)
Sort Procedures
1. Sort Procedures
Sort the procedure sections. There can be up to 30 sections.
Page Size
2. Page Size
Select between letter or legal size paper.
Roll forward options
3. Roll forward options
Set whether a column retains or clears its data on CaseView rollforward.
Additional Resource Centre Options *Not shown
4. Additional Resource Centre Options *Not shown
The Resource centre module version of the working paper has additional options.
  • Display/Hide the Summary of Balances section - Two year variance analysis and One to five year comparison can be shown/hidden individually.
  • Options to retain or clear data on rollforward in:
  • Summary of balances
  • Columns in the procedure tables
  • Number of procedure sections available (1-30)
  • Display/Hide/Print Instructions section before the first procedure section
  • Set the conclusion paragraph to skip or print
  • Include a sign off area at the bottom checklist
Summary of balance(s)
5. Summary of balance(s)
The summary of balances(s) is off by default. It needs to be activated in the Resource Centre options area. (See above)
Summary of balance(s) column settings
6. Summary of balance(s) column settings
Toggle Change $ and Change % on/off on the two year variance table. Set the 5 year comparison to between 1-5 year columns.
7. Section
Click on the folder to turn a section on/off.
8. Y/N
Double-click to toggle between Y,N, and N/A.
W/P ref.
9. W/P ref.
Click on the dropdown to select on documents available in the Caseware document manager. Double-click on the cell to open the document shown in the cell.
Hide columns to right of the description
10. Hide columns to right of the description
Right-click on the express menu to access this option. This option hides all the columns to the right of the description column. This is useful for creating heading lines.