Quick Guides
Common Working Paper Features
To provide consistency throughout Jazzit, most of the Working Papers share common functionality.
Common Working Paper Features
* The sample screenshot was taken from the Capital Lease (JZCPL) working paper. Options may vary between working papers.
Open document
1. Open document
Popup menu allows you to open any document from the CaseWare Document Manager.
Document settings
2. Document settings
Opens the document settings section. Document settings allow the preparer or Administrator to change certain default options.
3. Status
Shows the update status of the document. A yellow status indicator () indicates that the document needs to be updated.
Document version
4. Document version
Indicates the version date of the document in the current file. The Document and Resource Centre dates will be the same when the document is updated.
Resource Centre version
5. Resource Centre version
Indicates the version date of the Resource Centre module. The Document and Resource Centre dates will be the same when the document is updated.
Sign off
6. Sign off
Click on the button to access the Roles dialog to sign off the document.
Adjusting entries
7. Adjusting entries
View, edit, or create adjusting entries without having to jump to CaseWare.
Trial Balance
8. Trial Balance
Opens the CaseWare Working Trial Balance within CaseView.
Save & Exit
9. Save & Exit
Saves and closes the document without closing CaseView completely.
Reload (Update) from Resource Centre
10. Reload (Update) from Resource Centre
Click on this button to update or reload the working paper from the Resource Centre.
Document settings
11. Document settings
Document properties for the letters and working papers present information about the Resource Centre path, type and document filenames.
  • Primary link for this document: The default primary link is set to Map No. Use the popup menu to select an alternative linking source, i.e. Group 1, Group 2, etc.
  • Link Browses: Use the popup menu to select to filter zero balance links or to show all links with zero balances in the link browse menus.
  • Resource Centre information: Indicates which Resource Centre the document is connected to, e.g. KLIB or FRMLIB and the Resource Centre file name.
  • Change Resource Centre path: Indicates the Resource Centre path. This is defaulted from the Jazzit financial statement. If the file path is incorrect check the Jazzit financial statement file path in the Admin section of the Home Menu.
W/P references on roll forward
12. W/P references on roll forward
Indicates the behavior of the W/P reference on roll forward. This behavior can be set as default by the Jazzit Administrator using the Diagnostics Report. If the default is linked to the settings in the Diagnostics Report, the preparer will not be able to change the setting in the individual document and will be directed to the Diagnostics Report when they attempt to change the option.
Diagnostic settings
13. Diagnostic settings
This section gives you more information on how the Jazzit Working Paper diagnostics are calculated. Use the popup menus to select alternative link types and numbers. Use the + or - button to change the signs of the link numbers. This will affect the diagnostics calculation.
Clear CaseWare database
14. Clear CaseWare database
Certain Jazzit working papers store data within the CaseWare (CV) database. Clicking this button will clear the database. Warning: This cannot be undone.
Draft stamps
15. Draft stamps
The draft stamp behavior can be set to use the default behavior of the draft stamp in the Jazzit financial statements or can be set to a default on or off position. Use the Diagnostics Report to set the behavior for the draft stamp.
Note and tickmark annotations
16. Note and tickmark annotations
Use the popup menu to show or hide the notes and annotation columns in the working papers where available.
Shade cells in selected row?
17. Shade cells in selected row?
When this option is enabled, the selected row will be highlighted with a different color.
Notes for preparer
18. Notes for preparer
Click on the folder icon to open the Notes for the preparer section. This section serves as a guideline on how to use the Working Paper.
Resource Centre diagnostic
19. Resource Centre diagnostic
You can see when KLIB was last updated by looking at the information provided below the Letter Options section.
This area will also inform you if you are connected to the Resource Centre. Green means you are connected and red means you are not connected. If the diagnostic is red, open the Jazzit financial statements and ensure that you are connected to the Resource Centre under Admin or make sure the Resource Centre is not compressed.