Quick Guides
Title Page
The Title Page is hidden in the financial statements by default. To show the Title Page, click on Select Page drop-down menu in the Freeze Frame and select Title Page from the list.
Or, double-click on the Title Page description on the Statement Menu to jump to the Title Page.
To close the Title Page, use the Select page popup menu to jump to any page in the financial statements. The Title Page will still print if selected to print on the Statement Menu but will not be visible while working in the financial statements.
Title Page
Title page settings
1. Title page settings
Click on the folder icon to view the Title Page settings.
Help guide
2. Help guide
Click on this button to learn more about the Title Page settings.
3. Close
Click to close the Title Page.
Client name
4. Client name
The client name pulls from the Operating name field in the engagement properties. To wrap a client name that's too long, highlight the cell and place your cursor at the position where you want the text to wrap. Press SHIFT + ENTER on the keyboard to move the text after the cursor to the next line.
Operating as/Formerly name
5. Operating as/Formerly name
The operating as or formerly alternate name is entered in the Client profile section of the Home Menu. Leave this field blank if you do not wish to show the alternate name anywhere within the Jazzit financial statements or clear the input cell if you want to skip the line and cell.
Statement title
6. Statement title
The statement title will appear on the Title Page. If you've selected to show an optional statement prefix, i.e. consolidated, the prefix will be included in the statement title.
If the FS is set to compilation, there is an option to toggle between "financial information" and "compiled financial information" by right clicking on the statement title.
Currency description (forex)
7. Currency description (forex)
If you've selected to show the reference to the foreign currency in the Columns section of the Home Menu, the forex description will show on the Title Page. Clear the input cell to remove the forex reference for the Title Page only.
Financial year-end
8. Financial year-end
Use the popup menu to select the desired year-end description format.
Report notice
9. Report notice
The report notice also shows on the Title Page depending on the engagement type selected. By default this will be set to blank. You can add/remove this options in the report settings of the Engagement Report.
Date stamp and initials
10. Date stamp and initials
Date stamp and initials will print if selected under the Display section of the Home Menu.