Quick Guides
Insert an Excel object into the Jazzit financial statements
There are occasions where Jazzit may not have the appropriate note for the presentation you desire. Using Excel objects allow you to obtain the presentation you would like without having to design the note in CaseView. Excel objects can be inserted anywhere where there is a paragraph such as notes and schedules.
Example 1 - Insert excel object into a note
In this example we will insert an Excel object into a generic note.
Example 2 – Using excel objects in schedules
Schedules have the advantage of being able to be moved throughout the financial statements.
For example, you could replace the entire income statement with one that is made in excel.
Turn off the income statement in the Statement menu. Then insert a new schedule by clicking on Insert schedule… button
Reposition the schedule to where the Statement of Income is position by clicking on the button.
Scroll down to where the schedule is located and set it to 1-2 income statement. Disable the numerics of the schedule by clicking on the hide numerics () button. Then resume from step 4 above.