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Top margin adjustment
1. Top margin adjustment
This option allows you to add additional space at the top of each page in the Jazzit financial statements (except the title page) in increments of 1/10 of an inch on a file by file basis to accommodate situations where you need more space at the top of the page.
Do not use this option if you need to increase the amount of space at the top of each page of the statements in all the financial statements your firm generates. This type of adjustment should be done in the HF module of the Resource Centre by your Jazzit Administrator.
Statement headings
2. Statement headings
You may set your statement headings to left, centre, or right with this option. The title page has its own options to accommodate publishing requirements such as report cover windows.
Page number
3. Page number
The page number option allows you to specify whether you want page numbers and, if so, where the page numbers should be located. All page numbers are set to print at the bottom of each page. There are no page numbers assigned to the title page and table of contents. Page number presentation is not available at the top of a page. If you have customized footers this option may not be available.
Line below statement headings
4. Line below statement headings
Choose to show or remove the line below the statement headings.
Optional statement prefix
5. Optional statement prefix
If you are preparing interim, consolidated, or non-consolidated, pro-forma, or combined financial statements, use the optional statement prefix menu to add the correct wording to the statement headings, engagement report, and table of contents. This option is skipped if the menu is left empty. You may also type a statement prefix directly in this field.
Statement footers
6. Statement footers
Use the statement footer options to add text to the bottom of each of your statements. Type any text within the designated blue areas. Statement Footers 1 and 2 appear at the bottom of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Statement of Cash Flows, and schedules. This allows you to set either footer #1 or #2 to See notes to the financial statements without the text appearing on the notes pages.
Notes footer
7. Notes footer
Notes footer is text that appears only on the notes pages. This is a separate footer reserved for the notes section.
If your firm requested personalized headers and footers in your package you may not be able to adjust these options. These settings may be overridden in the financial statement headers and footers module in your Resource Centre.
Custom Carryforward
8. Custom Carryforward
When a FS component (report / statement / schedule) occupies more than one page, it is automatically denoted with a "(continues)" Carryforward at the bottom of the page, this can be changed by typing in the field to the right.
Notes and policy options
9. Notes and policy options
To access more note and policy specific options. Click on the button to see what options are available in the Notes Menu.