Quick Guides
CV External Data
Certain settings in Jazzit templates are retained in the Caseware file itself via CV Data rather than in the CaseView document. Most notably the column settings of the 9 column financial statement.
When you copy the FS to another file via Copy Components, column settings that are tied to the CV Data will not show up in the target file. To make sure the column settings are transplanted you will need to check off the CV External Data option. It should be noted that existing CV External Data on the target Caseware will not be overwritten, the Copy Components function will merge them.
CV data is saved based on CaseView identifier. Changing the ID will cause the CaseView document to 'forget' their CV data settings and switch over to a new CV data set. If you switch the CaseView identifier back to the previous ID, the CaseView document will remember those previous settings.