Quick Guides
Remap Option under Copy Components (Converting to the Jazzit Map Numbers)
Caseware has the ability to remember how to convert your existing map structure to the Jazzit map structure.  The information to convert from one map structure to another is saved in a file called template.ini in the source directory when you perform the remap function and choose save as default in the Groupings/Mapping dialog box.
Follow these steps to create or revise the Template.ini file through the Remap process:
  • L/S over L/S (brings in JI L/S structure)
  • Group 3 over Group 3 (For formatting JI ‘U’ L/S)
  • PEM over Group 4 (for those using PEM numbering)
  • SCORE over Group 9 (for those using JI SCORE)
Note that each of these also has an option button for merging or replacing group data.