Quick Guides
Partner's Taxable Income Schedule
Partner's Taxable Income Schedule
Schedule title
1. Schedule title
Customizable schedule title which appears at the top of the schedule and on the Index Page
Page break
2. Page break
Select if the page break should be enabled at the top of the schedule.
3. Rounding
Enter amounts for rounding of the schedule if needed.  The rounding amounts will be plugged into the designated rounding line which is indicated by . Right-click on a line for the option to designate the row for rounding.
Schedule control
4. Schedule control
Left-click the button to delete the schedule. Right-click the button to reload the schedule from the Resource Centre.
Default link type
5. Default link type
Select the default grouping you want to use for the schedule linkage. The schedule is defaulted to use the Map No link.
Rounding row
6. Rounding row
To apply the rounding difference to a row, right-click on the express menu and select Adjust this row for rounding.
Link number
7. Link number
The link number indicates which linked number (i.e. map number) the row is linked to. Use the popup menu to select a link number. This can be a map, account or group number depending on the link type selected. Refer to Balance Origins for more information.
Link type
8. Link type
The link type is set from the default link type selected. You can change the link type for the individual row item if different from the default link type.
Express menu
9. Express menu
Right-click on the express menu to insert more linked or manual lines, insert subtotals, sort and delete current lines where the options are available.
Partner name linkage
10. Partner name linkage
Partner name pulled from the descriptions entered into mapping numbers 280.0001 - 280.0030
Partner allocation percentage
11. Partner allocation percentage
Allocate a percentage of the calculated taxable income between the various partners. The percentage allocated for Partners 2 onwards will be deducted from the first partner to ensure that total allocation always remains at 100%
Total line switch
12. Total line switch
Select for the total line to print or skip.