Quick Guides
Balance Origins
If you would like to know where a balance is coming from, refer to the link information on the right side of each line.
Map number or grouping cells with shaded background
The main statements are linked via map numbers.  Notes and schedules may be linked by map number, account number or one of ten groupings.
In the statement of cash flows link numbers with a yellow background indicate change in balances links and link numbers with a green background indicate ending balance links.
Map number with white background
This is hard wired to map number(s) in the trial balance. These are typically accounts which may flip between asset and liability (e.g. cash/bank indebtedness). Click on the popup menu to skip the line if you do not want it to show.
Some of these lines will allocate accounts to either the asset or liability side depending on whether it is in a credit or debit position. You have the option to net these accounts together. See this page for more information.
The word PRINT on the right side of a line means you can choose to skip or print that line.
A row with the word NOTE on the right side of a line indicates that the balance is pulling from an inserted note. You can choose to skip the line if you do not want it to show. If the linked note is switched off or deleted, the line will show as linked to a map number instead.
Wildcard characters * and ? are permitted in this field (i.e. 215* would include map number 215 and all maps under this level such as 215.2620, 215.2625, 215.2626, 215.2627, etc. and 215.2?20 would include maps with any number in the ? position).