Quick Guides
Jazzit document identifiers
See below for a list of Jazzit document identifiers
Document identifier
Document name
Notes from review with client
Bank confirmation letter for client
Bank confirmation 1-5
Bank confirmation 1-5 letters
Property, plant & equipment
Property, plant & equipment 2
Continuity of disposals
Client enclosure letter
Deferred income
Final Checklist
Financial statements checklist
Jazzit financial statements
Financial statement - generic letter
Additional schedules
Future income taxes
GST/HST reconciliation - quick method of accounting options
GST/HST reconciliation - detailed method
Client Invoice
Intangible assets
Account analysis
Five column generic working paper
Five period generic working paper
Five period income statement with % working paper
Accrued liabilities
Acknowledgement of independence letter
Accounts payable confirmation
Accounts payable confirmations controls
Accounts receivable confirmation
Accounts receivable confirmations control
ASPE - reconciliation of retained earnings at transition date
ASPE - revaluation of property, plant & equipment
Bookkeeping letter
Bank reconciliation 1-5
Business use of home and vehicle
Callable debt
Capital leases
Diagnostics report
Investment income
Engagement letter
Envelope #10
Financial instruments
Generic 9 column multi-section working paper
Independence letter
Knowledge of business checklist
Letter to the lawyer
Loan Calculator
Loans and notes receivable
Minute book review
Summary of misstatements
Marketable securities - broker acct 6 - 10
Net worth statement
Considerations for next year
Letter to predecessor accountant / auditor
Jazzit print package
Checklist with Y/N & checkmark
Checklist with checkmark and initials
Checklist with Y/N and initials
Checklist with multiple Y/N columns
Checklist with multiple checkmark columns
Engagement queries
Additional letter from client
Management representations letter
Custom Report
T4 reconciliation
Jazzit Toolbox (Resource Centre only)
Tax payments schedule
Long term debt
Comparative generic working paper
Management letter
Marketable securities - broker acct 1 – 5
Five-year generic working paper
Other non-current assets
Provincial tax enclosure letter
Prepaid expenses
Additional letters
Additional letters
Risk assessment for account balances
Reconciliation of cost to UCC
CRA enclosure letter
Income taxes
Additional working papers
Additional working papers
Waiver of audit resolution
Year-end checklist letter