Quick Guides
Setting up the entities in Caseware
Use the consolidation feature in Caseware in cases where the client has multiple funds/entities/divisions.  This allows you to allocate entity information to separate schedules and separate columns on the statements.  Once the consolidation is set up, accounts need to be assigned to entities.
If you have income statement accounts that appear on the main Income Statement, as well as on the schedules, you should create an Admin entity as well as one for each of the divisions
Follow these steps to create entities in your Caseware file and move accounts in your trial balance:
Sub entities can also be created if you require your entities to be further subdivided. Please see Sub entities for more information.
Fractional contributions to parent entity
8. Fractional contributions to parent entity
Add the fractional contribution to the parent entity if applicable. Only the % indicated of the balances will consolidate.