Quick Guides
Print Package
The Jazzit Print Package allows the preparer to batch print all Jazzit related documents in a CaseWare file. Use the checkboxes to select/deselect the Jazzit documents you wish to print.
Once you have selected the documents you wish to print, use File > Print to batch print the documents. You can also use print preview to preview what will print. It may take several moments for CaseView to assemble the package when printing or previewing the documents.
Print Package

Include print package summary

1. Include print package summary
Toggle to 'Yes' to include the contents of the Jazzit print package when printing or previewing the package.

Draft stamp

2. Draft stamp
See Common Working Paper Features for more information on the Draft stamp.

Show identifier on print summary

3. Show identifier on print summary
Show or hide the identifier column of the Jazzit print package.

Print package controls

4. Print package controls
Check off to select a document you wish to print or vice versa. Click on the folder icon to show/hide a section. Right-click to sort items within a section.