Quick Guides
JZ124 Removing Materiality from Caseware automatic documents
You may notice materiality getting listed in Caseware automatic documents in the file.
If you need to get rid of it, use the materiality checklist from either PEG Audit or PEG Review. Open the document options and disable the Caseware automatic document materiality.
Don't have PEG checklists? Use the Jazzit Financial Statements
If you don't have access to the PEG checklists you can remove the materiality via the Support settings in the Jazzit Financial Statements. The support settings are located underneath the Statement menu when the Jazzit Financial Statements is set to edit mode.
Open the Jazzit Financial Statements by double clicking on it in the Caseware document manager.
Click on View > Enable Editing to enter Edit Mode
Scroll to the Statement Menu. Underneath the statement menu you should see the Support setting panel. Click on 'Clear Materiality' to remove materiality from the Caseware automatic documents.