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JZ041 When I switch to the 9 column statements format I get the following error message
Note: This procedure is no longer necessary. The newly created Maintenance Wizard should enable the 9 columns automatically.  Please see the Maintenance Wizard article for more information.
This error appears if you have created a client file based on an older Jazzit template (before the 9 column schedules were introduced).
To fix the error you can follow one of two methods:
Method 1 – Copy Components from the GENMST
Method 2 – Manually copy in the headers and footers
Manually copy in the missing headers and footers into the Jazzit financial statements. This will have to be done in the GENMST and/or other master files as well as the individual client files experiencing the error.
This option is recommended if you do not want to lose any of the work done in the client financial statements.
klib9COLHFUP.cvw can also be found in the klibupdate folder if you have ever done an update before.
After adding in your header/footer links: