Quick Guides
Jazzit Terminology
The table below serves as a guideline to assist you in getting to know the Jazzit lingo.
Revisions log
The revisions log is a document which lists all changes made in the most recent update and the date.
Column settings
An option in the financial statement which controls the number of columns active and the type of information they display (entity, reporting period, etc.).
Comparison of information between two sources or documents.
Draft stamp
A watermark across the Jazzit financial statements, working papers, and letters.
Express menu ()
Row options (usually accessed by right-clicking the mouse () icon or anywhere on the applicable line) which provide additional functionality. In some templates right clicking anywhere on the related line will bring up the express menu as well.
Firm Master
This refers to master files created by the Jazzit Administrator in accordance with the firm preferences. The Firm Master file is created from the Jazzit master file(s). Common examples are NTR Masters, Review Masters and (or) Audit Masters. The FULMST can also be used as a Firm Master file.
FRMLIB (Farm knowledge Library)
Is a Resource Centre file and contains all the Jazzit modules for farming.
The FRMMST is a Jazzit master file that contains Jazzit templates for farming. Connects to the FRMLIB Resource Centre.
This is a Jazzit master file that includes the same Jazzit templates as GENMST as well as all the automatic documents included in a default CaseWare file. Connects to the KLIB Resource Centre.
A Jazzit master file that contains the Jazzit Fundamentals templates. This file should be used as a basis when building Firm master files or when updating the FULMST. Connects to the KLIB Resource Centre
Home menu
The central point that is used to set up the Jazzit financial statements, e.g. draft, column settings, client profile, engagement, updating, etc. This is also where many of the defaults are set for the working papers and letters in that client file.
The CaseView identifier is how Jazzit templates find other Jazzit templates or modules inside and outside the present CaseWare file. This is why it's important that the Jazzit Financial Statements has the identifier 'FS'. See this page for more information.
Inserting a schedule from the Resource Centre
Additional schedules can be inserted into the Jazzit financial statements if required.
Inserting lines/subheading/subtotals
Inserting of new lines into the Jazzit financial statements which are either linked to a map number, manual input entry, display an empty line, or a calculated subtotal.
Jazzit Administrators
The person(s) responsible for all administrative duties regarding the Jazzit Templates. They are responsible in keeping the Resource Centre up to date.
Jazzit master files
The GENMST, FRMMST and the FULMST are Jazzit master files. The GENMST is a complete collection of Jazzit templates built in CaseView. The FRMMST is a master file for farming engagements. The FULMST includes the same Jazzit documents as the GENMST as well as commonly used automatic documents included in the CaseWare Working Papers.
KLIB (Knowledge Library)
Is a Resource Centre file and contains all the Jazzit modules for engagements other than farming.
CaseView files in the Resource Centre (KLIB and FRMLIB)
Note category
When inserting a note, different variants of the selected note type can be inserted as per the user requirements.
Page orientation
The statement will either print in Portrait or Landscape mode (usually dictated by the number of columns in a particular statement or table). Available in the 9 column financial statements and schedules.
Page size
The statement will print in either standard letter size, or legal size.
Reloading/Updating from Resource Centre
A function common throughout the Jazzit templates. This is the mechanism that Jazzit templates use to receive changes and updates from the Resource Centre. See Reloading Statements, Schedules, and Notes for more information.
Resource Centre
The Resource Centre also referred to as the KLIB or the FRMLIB, consists of the modules (pieces and parts) that make up the Jazzit master templates. See Resource Centre for more information.
A function which allocates minor differences between the Jazzit financial statements and CaseWare trial balance to be allocated to set accounts for balancing the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows in the Jazzit financial statements.
Section formatting
Changing the presentation of the statements, by indenting, bolding, choosing upper or lower case, sorting, etc.
The Snackbar is a page on our website where you will find the available updates for the Resource Centre. The updates are downloaded by the Jazzit Administrator to a windows directory folder named the KLIBUPDATE and FRMLIBUPDATE.
Sorting of rows/lines
Sorting of the rows or lines of a table manually (as the user chooses), numerically or alphabetically.
Statement settings
Additional settings specific to an individual statement or schedule. This is found within a folder located at the top of the statement or schedule.