Quick Guides
Importing the Client Trial Balance
Caseware’s importing function allows you to bring client accounting data into your Caseware file quickly.  In order to use this option, either start with a blank trial balance or one where the account numbers match the client account numbers.
Under Engagement > Import > Accounting Software, select the client accounting package and version from the menu drop-down.  Caseware updates this list of accounting software and versions.  Keep your workstation up to date by downloading the latest Caseware patch directly from  You can check your current installed version by clicking on File > Help in the Caseware or CaseView ribbon.
You will need to obtain the original accounting data from your client and not a backup of the data.  Your client may use a backup data option within their accounting program.  You will not be able to directly import this data into Caseware.  Unless you have the same accounting program installed on your system, there is no way to retrieve this data. 
If you are not sure exactly which data files you need from the client, you can click on the Help button within the Import – Accounting Software dialog box and it will list the files for the Import from currently selected.  You may wish to print this information for the client, or the staff member going out to the engagement.
As an alternative, if you would like to view the client trial balance prior to importing it into Caseware or if the client is using accounting software/version not listed, consider asking the client to export the data to an Excel file.  Caseware is able to import information directly from Excel, select Engagement > Import > Excel File.  A wizard will quickly walk you through the import steps.