Quick Guides
Freeze Frame
The freeze frame is always available at the top of the screen within the Jazzit financial statements.
  Freeze Frame
Select page
1. Select page
Select which page to jump to within the Jazzit financial statements. Double-click on the cell to jump to the Home Menu.
Open document
2. Open document
Opens any other document within the Document Manager from here.
Show all/printed lines
3. Show all/printed lines
Select to show all lines or just printing lines. Some functionality is limited when the printing lines option is selected. You will get a warning at the top of the Jazzit financial statements if Printing lines has been selected.
Clear flags
4. Clear flags
Clear all flagged changes.
Rounding status
5. Rounding status
The button indicates the rounding status. Click to open rounding settings in the Home Menu.
Save & Exit
6. Save & Exit
Click to save and exit the financial statements. This will not close CaseView, only the current document.
Show Home Menu in freeze
7. Show Home Menu in freeze
Click on this button to add the Home Menu to the freeze pane. The Home Menu will be visible at all times when working in the Jazzit financial statements. Note that the button in the Home Menu is replaced by the  button in the Home Menu freeze pane. This button will give you access to the Jazzit's global online help documentation.