Quick Guides
The Jazzit financial statements round amounts to the nearest dollar ($.49 is rounded down and $.50 is rounded up).
Rounding status
1. Rounding status
The Rounding button in the Home Menu changes to indicate the current rounding status. The Rounding button on the Home Menu (which remains in the upper, right corner in a freeze frame when scrolling) will switch to indicate the current rounding status.
Rounding enabled (click on the button to disable).
Rounding disabled (click on the button to enable).
Rounding needs to be recalculated. To recalculate, disable the rounding and then re-enable it.
We recommend rounding remains disabled until you have completed all your adjusting journal entries and the file is complete. If you need to make further entries after it has been enabled, disable the rounding until your adjustments have been completed.
Rounding threshold
2. Rounding threshold
The rounding threshold can be adjusted in the RD - Firm profile in the Resource Centre.
Rounded differences
3. Rounded differences
When rounding is disabled, values indicate the amount that the statements are out of balance with. When rounding is enabled, the value indicates the amount applied to the rounding account above. See Rounding Differences for more details on rounding accounts.
Rounding warning
4. Rounding warning
A warning appears when the statements have not been rounded. This warning will also print on the first page of the financial statements. This option can only be switched off in the Resource Centre by the Jazzit Administrator.