Three Modes of CaseView
In master files and client files you can switch between the form and design mode in letters and working papers by pressing the F6 key or by clicking on the pen on the command tool bar. Form and Enable editing mode are available in the Jazzit financial statements; Design mode is not accessible in the Jazzit financial statements.
The form and design mode are locked for all the modules within the Resource Centre. All the modules can be unlocked with the password provided to your firm (must be typed all in lower case) with the exception of the Firm License module, RC update control (JZUPDATE), RD - Firm Profile and the CP FS Home Menu.
We recommend the following default CaseView workstation settings:
Form Mode
View > Form mode
Enable Editing Mode
View > Enable editing
Design Mode (accessible in all documents except the Jazzit financial statements)
View > Design mode