Quick Guides
JZ126 Using Additional Schedules to easily customizations between files
The Additional Schedules (21-30) for the Jazzit Financial Statements are technically CaseView documents separate from the Jazzit Financial Statements. One advantage of this is it allows customizations to be easily transferred between different Caseware files via Copy Components.
Identify the Additional schedule in the source Caseware file you want to customize. Make note of its schedule number and corresponding identifier. In the example below, we are using Schedule 21 which has the identifier FSSCH21.
Make the customizations you require in schedule 21 within your source Caseware file.
Open the target Caseware File. Use Copy Components to bring the CaseView document into the Caseware target file.
Open the Jazzit Financial Statement in the target Caseware file. Use the insert schedule function to link to the schedule you just copied in. In this case it is Schedule 21. Schedule 21 should come in with the customizations done in the source file.