Quick Guides
Client Enclosure Letter Highlight
Client Enclosure Letter Highlight
Sort enclosures
1. Sort enclosures
Use the sort button to sort the enclosures into the preferred position.
Turn section on/off
2. Turn section on/off
Click on the green checkbox to turn a section on or off.
  • A green checkmark will indicate that the section is on.
  • A blank checkbox indicates that the section is turned off.
Row on/off checkbox
3. Row on/off checkbox
If the row on/off switches have been set to Yes check boxes will appear to the left of the row. Check or uncheck the check box to turn a row on or off. The row will be set to skip and any number rows will be renumbered where necessary. You can also right-click on the express menu and select the Display row on on/off switches options.
Number of copies of enclosures
4. Number of copies of enclosures
The paragraphs in the enclosures section of the letter can be sorted. Popup menus in paragraphs offer options such as selecting the number of copies of each document.
Express menu
5. Express menu
Right-click on the express menu for additional features such as inserting new paragraphs, page breaks , sort lines and to show the client initials.
Get this section from another file: A special option to obtain a corresponding section from a Client enclosure letter from another CaseWare file.
6. Initials
Right-click on the corresponding express menu, to add an initial line next to a paragraph.