Quick Guides
5 Partners Max
The total balances for the current and prior year in the Statement of Partner's Capital is transferred as a single line item on the Balance Sheet. The following features are available:
5 Partners Max
Statement format
1. Statement format
Click on the button or use the popup menu to select the desired statement format.
Page break
2. Page break
Toggle to enable or disable page break above the table.
Print/Skip contribution column
3. Print/Skip contribution column
Choose to skip or print the contribution (withdrawals) column.
Partner details
4. Partner details
Partner details can be automated using mapping or use the express menu to add more manual rows or to manually sort the rows within the partner details section.
Link rows
5. Link rows
The link rows for the partner's opening balance, net income, contribution and withdrawals are displayed as default. You can also insert additional manual rows using the express menu.
Partner's percentage of income
6. Partner's percentage of income
Type in the partner's percentage of income. The total income is shown under the first partner and will be adjusted as the income is distributed among the remaining partners. Right-click on the express menu to set the number of decimals you want to show.
Comments (input paragraphs)
7. Comments (input paragraphs)
Accompanying text can be entered here if required.