Quick Guides
Mapping the Trial Balance
Think of mapping as your firm's chart of accounts.  We use mapping to bring information from the CaseWare databases into CaseView templates.  Mapping provides a constant link to the data found in CaseWare.  We cannot control the client chart of accounts, but we can control map numbers. 
Because we use mapping, we do not have to design reports over and over again to accommodate different client account numbers.
Our map numbers follow an easy to understand format: XXX.XXXX.XX.
For example, for the map 221.2781.15 (current portion of due to individual shareholder #1).
Not only does mapping provide a reliable link to CaseWare, it also allows you to control the properties assigned to accounts on the trial balance.
When you assign a map number to the client account (Account > Assign Mapping Numbers) the properties found in the map structure (Engagement > Mapping) are applied to the client’s accounts on the trial balance. 
This facilitates consistency across your client files and facilitates your firm to setting firm standards in advance which leadsheet, GIFI number, tax code, ratio code, etc. should be applied to certain accounts.