Quick Guides
Note features
1. Note features
Each note has a series of common features. Refer to Common Note Features for more information on each feature.
Page break
2. Page break
Click on the button to insert or remove the page break above the note.
Authorized shares
3. Authorized shares
Click on the folder icon to show or hide the authorized share section. Use the express button to insert manual line, sort or delete lines.
Issued shares
4. Issued shares
Click on the folder icon to show or hide the issued section. Use the popup menu to choose the alternate Issued and fully paid description.
Default link
5. Default link
Select the default grouping you want to use for the note linkage. The note is defaulted to use the Map No link.
Link number
6. Link number
The link number indicates which linked number (i.e. map number) the row is linked to. Use the popup menu to select a link number. This can be a map, account or group number depending on the link type selected. Refer to Balance Origins for more information.
Link type
7. Link type
The link type is set from the default link type selected. You can change the link type for the individual row item if different from the default link type.
Number of shares issued
8. Number of shares issued
Enter the number of shares issued per share class.
Link no description
9. Link no description
The description of the linked number is also pulled into the Jazzit financial statements. Refer to Change a Line Description for information on changing a line description.
Express button
10. Express button
Right-click on the Express button to insert more linked or manual lines, insert subtotals, sort and delete current lines where the options are available.
Show/hide section
11. Show/hide section
Click on the folder icon to show or hide the section(s).
12. Sort
Click on the Sort button to sort the risks in the desired order.
Print/skip row
13. Print/skip row
Check off or uncheck the checkbox to skip or hide the total.
Print/skip share classes
14. Print/skip share classes
Click on the checkbox next to each heading to show the applicable classes. Uncheck the checkboxes to hide the classes not applicable.
Comments (input paragraphs)
15. Comments (input paragraphs)
You can edit existing input paragraphs or insert more paragraphs using the Express button (). Refer to Input Paragraphs for more information on inserting paragraphs.